Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day .....& a trip to Urgent Care

3 days into summer vacation & already we have been to the Urgent Care. I got a call at work from my husband the other day, saying the neighbor's dog bit Michael on the lip & he was gushing blood from his face. Oh boy.....not what a mom wants to hear! I felt so helpless. I won't go into all the details......the dog is not malicious in any's a dog that Michael has played with numerous times, I think she was just overly excited.....& all is fine now. The doggie Feds visited & she may have to attend obedience school, but thankfully they can keep her. He got his stitches out today......& hardly even winced. Even though it had scabbed over.....bleah....I was great at holding his hand but have to admit I had to look in the other direction. But what a start to our summer!! My motto is IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE! At first my husband thought he fell off his bike (do you KNOW how much blood is in the face?!?!) & when he first told me he had been bitten & had a hole in his lip ....well I imagined MUCH worse!

Before stitches........

After stitches......

Sorry, the pix are blurry, they were taken with my phone. Yes, the after pic looks much more painful ....that numbing shot not only produced a LOT of blood......but it made the area swell up & turn white. Poor kid ......he is such a trooper!

Such is life with kids! I felt horribly guilty that this happened while I was at work, but I am thankful my husband was home. In fact, with the amount of blood involved, it may have been a BLESSING that I was at work & my husband was there to take care of it!

So......I've been a bit preoccupied & still haven't had time to create. I did get a new Tilda stamped & I colored her face, lol, maybe I will get her hair done by the end this week :)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Sue said...

Hi Michelle
gosh your mind must have been in overdrive after that call, hope Micheal if feeling better now, i know how much blood can come from a lip & the forehead!! you would thik there was a bloomin great hole there, only to find a tiny one!! Hope the rest of the holidays go ok, sue,x

Rea said...

Michell, I'm so glad your son is doing well. I can see how your sense of humor gets you through. I liked your comment about the doggie Feds. Hilarious! Hope you get to whip something up a card soon. Hugs

Tab said...

Oh dear Michelle, your poor son bless him. Must have been a bit of a shock for him, sometimes dogs get a little carried away when playing. When my little Teddy was a baby he catch Leigh on his ear, whilst playing and that poured with blood, when we mopped him up there was the tinest cut you have ever since LOL. Glad that there was a happy out come to it all and that your son is doing well.

You asked if I had new software for my pics.....I always used to us Photoshop, but sometimes it can be a bit complicated, well for me anyway LOL, so I have been using photoscape, its a free one and I love it, that was how I did the group pictures :o)

Hugs Tab xxx

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