Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I finally finished a card!!!

Ahhhhhh but I can't show it to you. Sorry! It's my card for Sundays with Crissy & I can't post it till the 13th. I'm such a tease, I know :) Wish I could say I'd have another card done before the 13th but that would be a lie -- & Santa frowns on lying!

But I did want to share some pictures with you -- not the best -- my photography skills seem to get worse the more I work with my camera, lol.

Last weekend we went to an event in our small town called Midnight Magic. The whole town is "open" from 10 until midnight. All the stores have specials, the churches have music, tents are set up all over town with food, there are carriage rides in the park, a craft fair at the middle school, & my favorite - a parade! This was our first year participating -- not sure why we never did before because it was a BLAST!!! It was raining & we almost didn't go, but decided we'd go watch the parade from our car. It stopped raining just as we got there. So we enjoyed a DRY parade, then went to view our brand spankin' new library (I am a total library GEEK!!).

Here are my boys in front of the tree at the library. Everything smelled so NEW!

One of the churches had a live nativity scene, a kids party, & a petting zoo. A petting zoo?? In a church? Michael was all over that -

Those poor bunnies, lol. Michael was super gentle with all the animals, but some kids, not-so-much. I cringed every time I saw a bunny struggling to get away from someone -- it's a miracle none were dropped on its head!

We also went to the garden center, where they had gingerbread houses -- another church to see the middle & high school orchestras -- & oh yeah -- dinner at Culver's, lol. Never did get to the craft show -- will have to plan our day better next year!

A couple of pictures of our Christmas trees:

This is the one in our great room...

and this is the one in our playroom. I really wanted to get a shot with the lights on, but I really struggled with what setting to have it on. I tried shots on all settings, & this was about the best.

I really need to get a photo of our outside lights. My 13 year old BEGGED me to let him put up lights. My husband used to do it but gave up years ago -- he now refuses. He would always pop a circuit, a strand would be out AFTER he hung them, and/or snow would cover all the lights on the bushes. So he dug them out & let Matthew at them. Not only did he get them untangled & hung up, he got them wired together & did NOT pop any circuits. All by himself, with no guidance from us. That kid amazes me!! So -- I will have to try to get a good shot so I can brag a little more about my brilliant son :)

And last but not least......I gotta stick a kitty picture in here, lol. We actually hadn't put up our smaller tree in the past couple of years & Elwood really missed it. He's just not comfy under the other one. You should have seen his eyes light up when we started decorating this one...

Do you think he's trying to blend in???

I will see you back here on the 13th!! Hope your holiday preparations are moving along splendidly.....


Squirrel x said...

Sounds like the most fabulous time was had by all hun! I cannot imagine peeps going into town at midnight around here, unless they were about 14 and trying to sneak into a club! Love the trees, and as for Elwood .... ahhhhhhhh! Hugs Sxx

Linda Palmer said...

Your boys are growing up. I remember seeing them when I first knew you. Sounds like you all had fun.

Chris said...

Pure joy to see all your photo's and it sounds like you had a great time at the midnight thing, what a lovely idea that is. New library, yummy, have to agree with you on the library thing too, lost for hours is easy :).

Had to laugh about the petting zoo in the Church, that's a brave thing to do, there could have been so much drama and finally my laughs over the kitty shot...our pets they just have a way with them don't they and he is blending in very well :D. xx

Chris said...

Oh I meant to say how clever your Son is, I need to borrow him quick :) and I think your trees look wonderful. x

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