Monday, April 23, 2012

Our day at Jelly Belly

Hi all! Happy Monday to you! I am working on a card but it's been a busy few days, & this week is not looking much better. My son has his very first track meet, then he has another on Thursday. I asked him how long the meets are, & he said "I think about 2 1/2 hours" - Ok, I've been warned :)

So I told you I would share some pictures of our day at Jelly Belly. If you love looking at people's pictures like I do, then this is the post for you! If not -- then you might want to move on to the next blog. BUT I do have a funny story to tell you at the end :)

Matthew really wanted me to take a picture of him "holding the Jelly Belly". Well as you can see we weren't even close -- & he was standing in the middle of the parking lot -- & there were cars patiently waiting -- so I took a few shots & hoped for the best. No editing program in the world is going to make it look like he's holding it, lol. 

Even though this isn't the factory where they actually make the Jelly Bellies, we did get a tour of the warehouse & they had stops where they showed various videos of the Jelly Bellies being made. Look at this cute little train we got to ride on!

LOL we had to wear these paper hats "because we are going to be around food". Ummmmm ok we were nowhere NEAR the food -- they just wanted us to look silly :)

Look at all the ginormous Jelly Bellies! Is it sad that we guessed each flavor? We are definitely Jelly Bellyholics :)

Of course, the train drops everyone off right at the door of the retail shop. No one is leaving without purchasing some Bellies!! What I really loved -- & I wish I'd taken a picture -- was the Sample Bar. They had every flavor available for taste testing -- including the very FUN flavors below --

I couldn't bring myself to try anything crazy like moldy cheese or pencil shavings -- I stuck to my favorite, Top Banana. And do you see that price? The "real" flavors were $9/lb -- the "questionable" flavors were $12/lb!!!

We had a great time & will definitely go back. See that rather large bag in Michael's hand? $26 worth of Jelly Bellies -- & I think we got off on the light side! You should have seen some of the loads people were taking out to their cars!

Now for my funny story -- if you are my Facebook friend you may be groaning since I already told the story there LOL -- on the way back home I wanted to stop at an outlet mall that I used to go to when Matthew was little. I think last time I was there was when I was pregnant with Michael, so that would have been 2002. Well I drove to where I thought the mall was --- but it wasn't there. It had been a while, maybe I had the wrong road. I headed more south, but I was almost to the Illinois border. I knew that wasn't right! So I went back north & figured I had to hit it, you could see it from the freeway. Well pretty soon I'm realizing that we are not going to the mall. I could NOT find it. I came home & called my mom, & asked her where it was (she used to go with us). She told me the road & that's exactly where I'd been. So I did a bit of Googling & found out the mall was DEMOLISHED! Not only was it gone, but they tore it down in 2005!!!! OMG I laughed soooo hard I was crying! It had been gone 7 years & I never even knew it! hahaaaaaa well in my defense -- it was about 45 minutes from my house -- & once I had 2 kids, well I guess I didn't get out much. Ohhhh that was such a moment. I swear my kids thought I was out of my skull. They kept saying "um mom -- there is NO MALL here". Ahhhhh that is my life -

Well if you're still with me, I hope you enjoyed my day at Jelly Belly & the non-mall! I will back (hopefully) in a few days with that card :)


Tammi said...

Oh that is toooo funny Michelle! How surreal that would be! Mmm...jelly bellies, and ew on the moldy cheese, haha! Looks like fun!

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures! You were in my neck of the woods. I live about 10 minutes from where the mall used to be. I always laugh at the Jelly Belly hats too.

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