Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Frenzy!

Greetings, peeps!! Hope you are enjoying your summer! We are having extremely HOT & DRY weather here in WI -- our grass is brown & crunchy & it's been a struggle to keep our gardens watered. 

So where have I been? Well -- I warned you my summer was going to be BUSY :)  My boys each play baseball 2 nights a week, so with their practices we are at a ball park 5 nights a week, plus some weekends. We are gearing up for our trip to Disney World -- this time next Sunday we will just be arriving! I've been wanting a new camera for a while, & after much research & online discussions, I finally decided which one I wanted. And -- I really wanted it for our trip so.....I took the plunge & now this pretty thing is in my possession :)

Canon SX40 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch Vari-Angle Wide LCD

 My first Canon & I'm loving it. It's a bridge camera -- so no changing out lenses but that is a good thing for me, since I don't have the time nor the patience to learn all the intricacies of all the different lenses. This is quite a step up from my Point & Shoot, though, & it's going to take some time to learn all that it can do. For now I'm just taking test shots on Auto & they are turning out a whole lot better than the photos with my other camera (does this mean I will no longer complain about the color red? Time will tell!)

Moss roses (Portulaca grandiflora)

Hummingbird on top of our very dead tree. I was actually just showing my husband the zoom on the camera & said "look, I'll take a shot of that bird up there" & it turned out it was a hummingbird :)

My mom's cat -- possibly a Maine Coon? (has never really been determined)

Visitor in the fountain 

Petunias -- was testing the "foliage" setting

So that's my summer in a nutshell --- baseball, Disney, & my new camera :)  I may not be posting very often & when I do it will probably just be photos. I might even post one or two while we're in Disney :)

I haven't been at my craft table in quite a while. The mess is still there from the last card I made over a month ago. Coincidentally, Crissy decided to end her Sundays with Crissy blog. While I loved the blog & LOVED everyone associated with it, the timing couldn't be better for me. Stamping has taken a back seat for now. As has reading all the fabulous blogs that I've come to love. Just for now. I'll be back :)

I hope you all have a fabulous summer!! 


Squirrel x said...

THERE you are!! So glad that everything is ok, even if a tad busy, we've been missed you. Wow, those are seriously good photos girl, I am ever so slightly green with envy now. Have been dropping camera hints for quite some time but they have failed so I am saving hard. Take care my friend, enjoy Disney, and don't leave it so long next time!!!! Hugest of hugs, Nutty Squirrel xxxx

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