Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just a few quick pictures from our day at Hollywood Studios:

Haha it looks like my husband is wearing the wizard hat:

They got their fast pass for the Tower of Terror, then hopped on this nice little ride:

I took a picture of their picture -- yep, that about sums it up!

My kids loved the giant guitar almost as much as the ride:

By the time they were done Rocking & Rolling, it was time to go back to this:

We saw how Raiders of the Lost Ark scenes are shot:

Went on the 3D Star Wars ride --even I went on that one!! This cute little photo op is right outside the ride:

After lunch at the ABC Commissary we went to a 3D Muppet show. Here's me by the Piggy fountain:

I *heart* the Muppets!

Tomorrow I'll wrap up our trip with pics from Universal Studios -- which was SOOOOO much fun, I highly recommend taking a trip there if you're in Orlando. I think my older son enjoyed Universal more than all of Disney put together!


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