Sunday, August 12, 2012

Universal Studios - & giving up my hobby

Disney World was AWESOME -- but I can't tell you how much fun we had at Universal Studios! We went to Islands of Adventure -- of course, because that's where the land of Harry Potter is!

I was just floored by the entire place:

First we walked through Dr Seuss land:

It was a quick walk, as everyone else couldn't wait to get to Harry Potter, but I kept stopping to take pictures. I mean, COME ON! How cute is this?

Well I have many more pictures of Seuss land --- but let's get to Harry Potter, shall we?

Seriously, the details are AMAZING!!! I'm not a HUGE Harry fan like many I know -- in fact I FINALLY just started reading the first book -- which came out when my teen was just a baby! But you don't have to be a fan to enjoy it -- here is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's a 3D ride. Yeah, nobody told me it was SCARY! I should have known when they made you put all your loose articles in a locker, than probably I shouldn't have gone on it. If you can handle 3D -- & lots of movement at the same time -- then you'll love it!

My boys with their pumpkin juice. I didn't get a picture of them with their Butterbeer -- which was soooooo good -- that alone is worth the trip! I have a few recipes for Butterbeer to try out -- I hope I can find one that comes close!

Of course we had to get a pic next to the Hogwarts Express:

Made a quick trip through Jurassic Park:

Toon Lagoon -- ALL CARTOONS! So freakin' cute!

I was in AWE! I LOVE cartoons!

Beetle Bailey:

We ate lunch at the Comic Strip Cafe:


Heathcliff (isn't my son so clever? LOL)

Next up -- Superheros:

I'm not up on my Superheros but again, the details were amazing!

And here was the highlight of the boys' day:

It's not called the Hulk for nothing!

A net?? I really hope that's for personal belongings, & not persons LOL

We had the BEST TIME! Our whole trip was really fabulous. Our last full day we went to Blizzard Beach, which is a water park. Again, tons of fun & the weather was perfect for it (it was at least 90). I didn't get any pictures, because I didn't want to take my camera there. But let's just say, it was the perfect end to a perfect vacation!

Thanks so much for taking a peek at my week in Mouse Paradise! I sooo hope we can go back again some day!

On a personal note, I have decided that my stamping days are long over. I haven't had time to make a card in months & I don't see me having any more free time in the near future. Right now, all my stuff is boxed up. I had started a card about a week ago, but since all my stuff is packed away I doubt I will finish it. I was hoping to have a last hurrah-type post but it wasn't meant to be.

I have made so many good friends during these past few years -- & just because I won't be creating any more doesn't mean you are rid of me. I still like looking at pretty cards & I will still be visiting your blogs. I don't know what I will do -- if I will continue to post other things here or not. I still love to bake so maybe I will still post recipes. And I am learning more about my new camera so maybe some generic pictures will pop up here & there. I haven't decided yet how to sell my stuff -- I may post it here -- so don't unfollow me just yet!!!

Thank you so much for your support & friendship :)

Lots of hugs ~


Squirrel x said...

But but but .... you CAN'T leave!! Sxxx

Dianne said...

Oh Michelle, I'm still in shock that you are not going to be stamping anymore! It was was brought us together. How could we forget our ribbon blobs :) Your cards will be missed but I know we will still continue to be cyber bff's. AND we will meet one of these days in person ;)
And as I have said many times before... I am so jealous of your trip to Harry Potter land!!! What a fabulous trip my friend!!!!

Chris said...

Er re above I'm also in shock that you're giving up stamping but I can totally understand when you're busy with family and work! I hope you will keep your blog on and share your photo's (which are fantastic) and recipe's.

Looks like you had an amazing holiday, fond fond memories to cherish.

Thanks for your sweet comment Michelle and thanks for always cheering me up when I see your funnies on FB :). Hugs. x

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Awwwwww - so sad :-(( - but totally understand if your heart isn't in it anymore. Sometimes we do have to move on to fresh and new things and don't have to keep on doing the same hobby forever. Sometimes we just get so stale that it is virtually impossible to go back to it because we just don't enjoy it anymore.

Sounds like you had the most AMAZING holiday! Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos.

{{hugs}} Jocelyn XO

Cammy said...

So sorry to hear you are going to stop stamping. Glad you had a fabulous vacation with your family.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle! Oh your pictures makes me SO want to be there! I think that may be a future vacation "want" for me! hehe!

I am in shock also that you have decided to put away your crafting things. :( I can totally understand about not having enough time though .. there's so much more out there other than the craft room. hehe! Well, I do hope to see you around in blogland .. and I will be cheering and hip hip hoooraying if and when you decide to ever do cards again! :)


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