Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magic Kingdom

On our second full day we went to Magic Kingdom ~

The monorail was down so we had to take the ferry. Fine by me!! I loved it :)

If we did Christmas cards, this would be a great photo!

Chip & Dale! I must have looked PRETTY SILLY trying to have a conversation with two chipmunks who can't talk -

This was SO FUN! You ride a car through a video game - I thought I was smokin' with 24,000 points, until we got off the ride & I saw that Michael had over 400,000 LOL

The must-have Disney ice cream:

I was expecting a lot of resistance when I suggested they ride the tea cups -- but not only did they ride, they let me take their picture (you can totally tell they did it just to make me happy LOL)

I really almost went on this ride:

Yeah, there were a lot of rides I *almost* went on!

To me, our entire trip was magical. But nothing beats the castle at night -- it changes colors!!

See? Magical!

Next up is Animal Kingdom!

And -- I did sit down to clean up my craft area from the last card I made 2 months ago.... & when I went to turn my light on, I felt cobweb. Yuck! It's definitely been too long when you have to wash your hands after just turning on a light! 


Elise said...

Hi Michelle! Awwww man! I missssss Disneyland!!! We SO love it there too! Thank you so much for sharing the pics! Makes me relive it all over again and now I can't wait to go back! HAPPY VACATION!!!


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