Monday, February 18, 2013

It's been 9 months ....

and I could have had a baby by now!! But no ..... just a card :)

Does this mean I am back to stamping?? 

No, it means the image I colored back in May of last year finally got the better of me. I've passed it so many times -- & just thought "meh" -- I couldn't be bothered to make a card with it. 

Today I blew the dust off (literally!) & slapped this baby together. I got home from work a little early -- the house was quiet -- & I had exactly 20 minutes to make something. It took me 15 just to find my supplies. Last summer my son boxed everything up -- which is about when I said "yeah, I'm all done anyway". So I had to rummage through a few boxes. I kind of just had to use what I could find LOL. That's ok, though - because I have no idea what all the rage is these days. I read very few blogs (sorry!) & the only thread I've read on SCS is my own, in the Buy/ Sell forum.

Who knows, maybe I'll find another 20 minutes some time soon. 

In the mean time, I added a "For Sale" page at the top. I am slowly getting rid of stamps & supplies. I've done pretty well so far but there's always more! Let me know if you are interested in anything & I can give you a shipping quote.

Not too much going on here in SW Wisconsin. It still looks like this photo. Well, it did before it started pouring a few minutes ago. It's 45 degrees. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 10. No wonder I always have a headache ....

I leave you with a glimpse of my Valentine's Day flowers :)

Till next time ....


Squirrel x said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!!! Michelle has made a card, yaaaaaaaaaaay!! Whoop whoop, hey hunny - good to see you! Amazing what you can find in 20 mins, this is a sweet sweet card. Now then (putting on stern face), more please! We miss your wonderful art works babes. Big hugs, Squirrel xx

Lynn Marie' Crafty Corner said...

WTG I to have mojo problems life gets busy etc. But you have inspired me to pull out my pencils and gamsol and get to work. My maggies have been sitting in a box for like a year now. I have done nothing with them.
I considered selling them off but ya know I just cant do that, I did sell allot of them over a year ago but no moreno more, They are stamps that will last my lifetime or more.
Well anyways your card is lovely. Have a great day and keep up your blog I need to do the same

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