Thursday, March 28, 2013

My very fabulous camera

Well, since I had 5 people email me since yesterday's post, wondering what kind of camera I have, I thought I share a bit more about it. 

I have the Canon SX40 HS, my first Canon ever. A friend had the same camera, so I was able to check it out a bit before purchasing. The fact that I could zoom right into her neighbor's living room had me sold (don't worry, I didn't see anything naughty). I bought mine at Beach Camera. Great service, great prices. I bought a bundle pack & got tons of extras, for not much more than the camera. I don't see that available anymore, but maybe that's because they now have the SX50 - & perhaps they are offering that bundle for that camera?

If you are looking for an SLR, this is not that camera. You can't change the lens. Which is a bonus for me, because it's taken me this long to even look at the manual, can you imagine me trying to learn all about lenses too? But this is quite a step up from a regular Point & Shoot - & as I said before it takes amazing pictures on Auto. Here are a few (sorry, I may have posted these before):

This was the very first picture I took the minute the battery was charged. I was really anxious to test the zoom. My last camera had hardly any zoom. This dove was wayyyy high up in a tree. 

I took a LOT of sunflower pictures, but this one is my favorite. It's playing peek-a-boo :)

I have a lot of pictures similar to this one. Remember how hot it was last summer? These birds were PANTING - I felt terrible for them :(  This was taken through my patio door - I could never do that with my old camera. 

I had no idea what I was getting when I took this one. The lighting was just right. When I posted it on Facebook, everyone said I should frame it. I might just do that! (BTW, this is a moss rose, one of my all time favorites that I plant every year). 

And last but not least, the moon shot. They say the zoom on this camera is equal to a 800 mm lens. Not sure, because I don't "do" lenses - but I think this is a pretty amazing shot with a non-SLR camera. 

I am very anxious for the snow to go away - I've taken all the snow pictures I can handle. Last summer was so hot & brown & dry, that I can't wait to take some pictures of some COLOR. 
If you have any questions about the camera, don't hesitate to email me! I think the world of this camera & would love to tell you all the great things about it! 


Jocelyn said...

You have taken some gorgeous pictures!!! That moon shot is amazing!!!

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