Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great deal at Beach Camera!

If you are wanting a camera like mine, Beach Camera has a great deal going on! 

This is where I bought my camera last year. Now, I buy a LOT online, but I was really nervous about buying a camera online. But they had a super great deal, & I read only great reviews about them, so I did it!

HERE is the link to purchase the Canon SX50 --- this is the newer model that came out a few months ago. I'm sorry, I don't know if it's better or what it has that mine doesn't. There aren't many reviews on the Beach Camera site, but I'm sure if you Google it you'll find plenty!

If you want to stick with what I have, HERE is the link to purchase the Canon SX40. Trust me, you will NOT be sorry! 

I'm happy to help you spend your money! You're welcome!

(I did not receive any compensation for this post, I just really really love this camera & the service I received from Beach Camera!)


Stressed Stamper said...

Read all the reviews and now need to drag hubby to the shops - before the end of the yr I will have one of these cameras - promise!
Sarah x

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