Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some happy photos

With the awfulness of yesterday, I just wanted to post a couple of fun, bright, spring-like shots ~

This hyacinth was COVERED in snow when I woke up in the morning. By lunchtime, the snow was gone & the sun was out. My hyacinths NEVER make it to full bloom - they just pop out too early and, well - this is Wisconsin after all. Snow & cold weather are still a possibility, even in May!

Ok, not really a BRIGHT photo - but this just cracked me up. It's a branch of one of my shrubs (how should I know which one? They all look like this LOL). I took it to show the new growth -- but had to laugh when I opened it in my editing program, I thought it looked like a tiny human emerging from its shell. See, the head is in the middle (one would hope) -- & he's coming out with his arms held high. Or maybe it's a she. Can't see that far down :)


Stressed Stamper said...

Oh fab pics - I am so nagging at hubby for that camera...touch wood and then I will be nagging you for tips
Sarah x

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