Monday, April 8, 2013

More stuff for sale

Man, it's tough clearing stamps & supplies out when you practically own a whole store! I've updated my for sale page HERE, including lots of High Hopes & a few Copic markers. I've already sold a bunch of those, which I have to admit makes me a little sad. But on the bright side, I never really did learn to color properly with those darn markers! Let them go live with someone who can treat them right :)

I also have an auction on Ebay - a lot of 25 Dustin Pike for High Hopes stamps -- all brand new -- starting at just $.99! Aliens and dragons and bears, oh my! You can find that listing HERE

Have a great week!

***** edited *****
Someone left a comment that I have stated in my Ebay auction that I won't ship anywhere but the US & Canada. For stamps, I will ship anywhere as long as the buyer contacts me FIRST for a shipping quote. Generally, my rule is no international because they don't bother contacting me before bidding, then are shocked to see the freight charge & back out. But I know none of my lovely stamper friends would do that :)


Squirrel x said...

Oh hun, I feel sad now - sad that you are selling crafty stuff that you will never play with again. Sniff, sob Huggles Sxx

Cazzy said...

I would bid on your ebay stamps but it says you may not ship to the UK, I am sad I love Dustin Pike and had no idea there were actual rubber stamps by him! I buy lots of stuff from the US.

Cazzy x

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