Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five


I don't know about you but I'm ready to bid this week adieu ....

my lovely aster plant, already done for the season. Glad I took this photo a few weeks ago!

I really had to scrounge for 5 things that weren't awful about this week!

1) We got a yummy pizza lunch at work today. My co-worker was going to spring for pizza for the whole customer service department, because it's been a @*%&$ week for everyone. When the CEO got wind of it, he said lunch was on him. This, after our FUN FIELD TRIP last week - what a boss!

2) Had Michael's Parent-Teacher conference yesterday. He's doing pretty well, except he's getting a little sloppy with his penmanship, & kind of rushing through his essays, so we're going to work on those things. And .... can you believe this .... she said he's a bit on the chatty side. I can't even being to imagine WHO he gets that from! Smiley Faces

3) This song. I can't get enough of it. I listen to it about 50 times a day, because I can :)

4) We got a Keurig at work. I'd never used one before. After weeks of wandering the KCup aisle at various stores, I finally broke down & bought some. There are just so many flavors! I bought this one:

Uhhhh... YUM! It tastes more like French Vanilla hot chocolate than coffee, but usually by the time I get to work I've had half a pot of coffee, so I don't need anymore. This is perfect. I'll have to stock up!

5) Facebook. It's no secret I LOVE it. I'm on there every day. Even if I don't post, I love to catch up with what my friends are doing. This week, I reconnected with a woman I haven't seen since second grade. We were such good friends the first two years of grade school Then she moved away. Then I moved away. Then she came back, but I wasn't aware of it. She sent me a friend request this week. We have LOTS of catching up to do. It's been 40 years. Where do we start?

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Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love that drink too ... we have it for our Keurig. yum! i have never heard that song ... i need to get with the in-crowd. ha. ha!!

enjoy your weekend & forget that week. i tell my hubby that all the time ... i hope you both can do the same .. if only we could take our brains out ... empty them out & put back in a good happy brain. seems like a good plan to me?! ( :

Lynn said...

Great video, she sounds a lot like a favourite of mine called Birdie. I have not seen a Keirig. Your asters were beautiful such a pretty photo.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I'm on FB, but rarely spend any time on it. My bad.

We generally drink a couple of pots of black coffee in the morning... a Keurig would make no sense for us -- but glad you found that yummy flavor for your work days. :)

Mary Hill said...


My daughter's love this song too.

Glad to meet you.

Mary-andering Creatively

Mary-andering Among the Pages

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