Saturday, November 23, 2013

~ My favorites ~

Well, I totally missed this entire week. Sorry about that. Actually, I received some bad news this week that has shaken my whole world. I'm not sharing right now, it's something my family & I need to deal with ~ but know that my posts will be very sporadic for a while. Yeah, I know what you're thinking ~ "Your posts have always been sporadic" ~ LOL, I know, I kinda suck at blogging!

So ... I missed my usual photo memes & Friday Five this week .... so I have something different. I came across a blog post of favorites, & thought it would be fun to share some of mine. I may have amended the list I saw just a bit, as some just don't apply to me. So here are my favorite .....

COLOR - well, this is vague :)  For clothes, I tend to wear a lot of gray & black. Yeah, I'm that exciting. I do like coral also (the more orange-y coral, not the pink-y coral). For my house, I've pretty much always stuck with burgundy, although lately I'm trying to incorporate some olive green. I think burgundy & olive look great together!

ICE CREAM FLAVOR - Cedar Crest Banana Cream Pie. Very VERY hard to find. First tasted it at our State Fair a few years ago, & they told me it wasn't going to be distributed to stores. Well, ha! I did find it at Woodman's & stocked up. Trust me, if you find it, buy them all. 

ANIMAL - cat, of course. Preferably orange tabbies. They're the best!

CAR - Well, this will out me as a middle aged mom. I LOVE my Toyota Sienna minivan. If given the opportunity to have any car in the world, I would pick the newest model of Sienna. Yeah, I'm a dork. 

TV SHOW - Wow, there have been some good ones. I really miss Friends - thank goodness it lives on in reruns. Also Frasier, which I actually never see rerun. I loved ER - in fact, my mom & I bought all the seasons so we can watch them all again. I'm on Season 10. And my current favorite is Grey's Anatomy. Will be sad when that one ends. 

MOVIE - Comedy, it has to be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I've seen it no less than 50 times, can recite the whole movie, & yet I still laugh through the entire thing. For non- comedy, I would say the whole Avengers series. Iron Man is probably my favorite. Yes, all 3. And it has nothing to do with Robert Downey Jr. :)

VACATION SPOT - Well, I haven't been many places so it's kind of a no brainer. DISNEY!! We went last year & had THE best time ever. My hubby & I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon, & after our trip to Disney I wish we had thought of going there instead. I could go again & again & again. This does include Universal. Nothing like it!

TIME OF DAY - well, I can tell what ISN'T my favorite! Morning! Man I hate mornings. And mine seem to start earlier & earlier. I think my favorite time is the after dinner hour - dishes are done, homework is done, & I can finally relax after a long & busy day.

DAY OF THE WEEK - Shocking, I know - but it has to be Friday. I love my weekends, but the anticipation of the weekend is even better. And let's face it - Sundays are full of "Ugh ... tomorrow is Monday". 

MONTH - I'm kinda partial to August - my birthday month - it's still summer - & the kids are getting ready to go back to school! What's not to love? 

HOLIDAY - 4th of July. What? I know, weird. But - I don't have to decorate, carve pumpkins, put up a tree, or buy presents. And it's the middle of summer. There are parades & fireworks & festivities. Yep, definitely 4th of July. 

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - I'm sorry, what? Ummmmmm does baking count? 

SPORT - I don't actually play sports, but my favorites to watch are baseball & football. I prefer pro football, but I love to watch my kids play baseball. 

STORE - this is an easy one. Target! And bonus - the Target right near my work finally added a Starbucks!

STARBUCKS DRINK - Since I'm usually at Starbucks after my allotted caffeine time, I would go with Vanilla Bean Frapuccino - it's like a vanilla shake - yum!

HOBBY - definitely a trick question. A year ago I would have said paper crafts. After all, that's why I started this blog. While I do still find itty bits of time to make cards, I'd say I'm more into photography now. I got a new camera last year right before we went to Disney, & I'm obsessed with all things photography now. 

WEB SITE - Toss up between Facebook & Pinterest. Both are time suckers, yet I visit both daily. Because I have nothing better to do

How about you?? Care to share your favorites?? If you post your favorites on your blog, let me know - I'd love to read them!


Squirrel x said...

An interesting read indeed missus - I shall go and put my thinking cap on about my faves.

Really sorry to hear that you have had bad news - if I can be a shoulder to lean on then I am always here for you.

Biggest hugs darlin'

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