Friday, November 15, 2013


Wow, this week seemed long! My son said last night "I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already. It seems like yesterday was Monday." And to that I said, "I can't believe it's finally Friday tomorrow. It seems like Monday was 3 weeks ago.". Hmph. I guess High School teenage life is more exciting than working mom life. Who knew?!?

Here are my 5 randoms for the week:

1: They are almost done with our roof. Maybe that's why it seems like the week was long. They were here early Monday morning to get started & they are still here. Really, our house isn't that big!

2: I was excited when I filled my gas tank yesterday for $2.99 a gallon! But, my excitement was short lived when I drove by that same gas station today & it was up to $3.06. It's going back up already? I hardly had time to enjoy it....

3: My hubby got two of these on his way home from hunting Up North on Sunday. There's a gas station about 45 minutes from our house that has an AMAZING bakery. A gas station! Crazy!

Yep, that's a regular size fork, folks. This sucker weights almost 2 pounds! And he bought TWO! What was he thinking? And are they gone? Well of course they are, do you not know me at all? 

4: I have a few friends that are DONE with their Christmas shopping! That annoys me. Even though Christmas music is playing in the stores, & the decorations are all out, I am NOT in the mood to Christmas shop. Can we at least wait until the turkey is stuffed? 

5: Our 18 year old cat still has some frisk left in him. Here he is enjoying his drugs catnip:

and one more, showing the end result of all that action:

Don't worry, Elwood - I can't party like I used to either. 

Hope you all had a fantastic week! If you blog about it, link up with High Five for Friday & Random 5 Friday


Rose said...

Your kitty is doing good for being 18--I had one that lived to be 17...still miss him.

I enjoyed your random 5....that chocolate thingy looks absolutely delicious. You could have saved some for me! LOL

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i better be quiet about #4 .. you might stop talking to me. ha. ha!! ( :

always wonder why they lower gas prices when we are not traveling ... then as soon as we leave the raise it up??! not fair. boo hoo!!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Yum - that cake thingy looks amazing! Cheer up - we pay the equivalent of $6.00 a gallon here - it's soooooo expensive - and it always goes up just before the school holidays or a public holiday. Elwood looks amazing - love all the photos of him. My cat loves catnip too. I have some in a little spray bottle and when I spray it on Ruby's scratching post, she goes nuts for it LOL!

Should I say that I have almost finished my Christmas shopping? I do most of it online as I am a fulltime Carer and haven't got time to run around to different shops to then find that I can't get the book or CD I want. So much quicker and easier for me. I do support my local shopping centres but if I can't get what I need locally, I shop online as travelling any distance and because my loved one can't walk all over a large shopping centre because it exhausts them, just becomes a stress. Plus we have to use disabled access as well and there are never enough disabled car parking spots. Yep, way easier to shop online if I can't get it locally.

Have a great week Michelle :-)

Jocelyn x

Nancy Claeys said...

I've been putting away things for Christmas gifts during the year -- not sure who is getting what, but it's the thought that counts, right?

That's one gigantic pastry!

Love the shots of Elwood and his drug of choice. :)

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