Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five

TGIF peeps! It's been a few weeks since I participated in the Friday Five party. I've missed it. Here are my randoms:

1: To say it's cold here in Wisconsin would be an understatement. On my way to work today, my car thermometer read -12. That's right, minus 12. That would be twelve BELOW ZERO. And today was balmy compared to what we are expecting on Monday. The high temp will be -3. They've already closed schools pretty much everywhere in our area. We even have a fire going in our fireplace. We rarely do, because I'm terrified of house/ chimney fires. As you can see above, Elwood is quite enjoying this thing called fire. 

2: My son bought a new Ipod Touch last weekend. Guess who got his old one? That's right :)  I'm one happy mama. I do need a new battery for it, & Apple charges $80! Yikes. So .... I'm doing some research. A friend recommended DigiExpress. Not thrilled about sending it away somewhere, possibly never to see it again. We'll see. Meanwhile, you can now find me on Instagram HERE. Needless to say I'm having lots of fun with it, & even more time is being sucked out of my life playing mindless games. 

3: I often go to Starbucks, but I usually get either coffee or a frappuccino. The other day I got a hot chocolate. Oh. My. Word. 

4: I can't remember if I'd mentioned this before, but before I started baking my Xmas cookies this past holiday, I came across this divine invention at Home Goods/ Marshalls:

I hadn't heard of it before, but figured it could only add wonderful things to the flavor of any cookie. Um .... I need more because this bottle is GONE!

5: My kids got a Blu Ray player for Christmas, & Tuesday night we curled up with our hot chocolate & watched the one Blu Ray movie we have ~ Despicable Me 2. Even though we'd seen it in the theater, we laughed like we were watching it for the first time. Those minions crack me UP!!!

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Beth Edwards said...

i love Despicable Me 2! such a great movie. ( :

i got to Starbucks every once in a while ... this year more because i got some GC to use. i never know what to get ... so i usually try what other folks think are super good so i can test new drinks out.

Sarah Huizenga said...

My favorite at Starbucks is Chai Tea Latte.

Nancy Claeys said...

I think the closest Starbucks is about 50 miles from me... which is prolly a good thing! :)

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