Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

I could NOT be happier that it's Friday! It's definitely been a rough 2 weeks for me & my family, & I'm trying very hard to get back to some kind of normal around here. A new normal. A life without my beloved grandma. 

Ok, this isn't supposed to be a sad post - it's supposed to be a happy Friday post! Here are my 5 randoms for the week:

(Sorry, for the so-so photos, these are my Instagram photos)

1: It's pretty much looked like this every day for the past 42 days. Winter in Wisconsin, I'm used to it. 

2: Oh wait, the sun came out for about 10 minutes the other day! I took this as I was leaving my subdivision on my way to work & I'm glad I stopped to take it - by the time I got to work it was gone. 

3: Target + Starbucks = HAPPY

4: Sunday I was cleaning the basement & found my Rubbermaid bin of school memories. I had fun posting a bunch of photos on Facebook & reminiscing with school friends. Here is one photo I posted:

How fun that I went to a Rush concert! I love Rush!! However, I have no recollection of this concert. I don't remember who I went with or anything about it. Nobody on Facebook owned up to going with me. I hope I had fun :)

5: Tonight is a dance at my son's grade school. Hmph. WE never had dances when I was in grade school. I'm happy to be going - it's always fun & let's face it, it's as close to a night on the town as I'll get these days. 

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Nancy Claeys said...

I remember a few concerts from the 1970s that cost about 8.00 a ticket. Now that's dating me! :)

Barb said...

Glad you captured that sun flare for posterity. A grade school dance? What's the world coming to? Hope he (and you) had a grand time.

Stressed Stamper said...

Rush - ha took me back to my youth - fave albumn 2112!!!!...I was then a huge Thin Lizzy fan - heard of them? look at the snow - 42 days!!!! blimey lucky if lasts 42 mins here!!...... may do a posting of old bits - nice idea....

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

So sorry to hear about your grandma.

I bet it was fun sifting through all those old memories :)

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