Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Random Five

Happy Friday, hope you've had a fabulous week! I sure did, & to top it off we are finally having spring like temps! No, not 40 (I know most of you think that is what spring is usually like in Wisconsin) but upper 60's & 70's. We even hit 80 yesterday! 

Here are my 5 random thoughts/ comments/ events for the week:

1: After months of agonizing over which to get, I finally got a new laptop!! It's pretty & fast & current - but a little TOO current. It has Windows 8 which I'm struggling with. I would have preferred Windows 7, but I can adapt to pretty much anything computer-wise so it will be fine. Just takes me a little longer to find what I need. I'm just glad my pages no longer freeze or take 10 minutes to load. AND I can watch an hour show in less than 2 hours! 

2: I got to go on a field trip with Michael yesterday with his class. We went to the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee. Doesn't seem like it had been that long, but the last time I was there was when Matthew was in 5th grade, 4 years ago. Time sure flies! I'm going to write a separate post about the trip, with lots of photos (consider this your warning). And yes, for anyone not familiar with the Domes, they do look like giant boobs. 

3: I had taken the day off work to go to the Domes, so came home right after. This was jut after lunch. Clearly, I disturbed Elwood's nap. Doesn't it look like he's yelling at me? 

4: Starbucks has Happy Hour this week - 1/2 price Frappucinos. I may have had one or two. Or six. But who's counting. 

5: As I said, spring is finally here in Wisconsin. We've earned this one. And while the robins have been here for a while now, it's nice to be able to go outside to take the pictures, instead of taking them from in the house because it's too cold out. Oh, & did you notice there is NO SNOW on the ground?? Ahhhhh .... I think everyone will enjoy this spring & summer just a little more than usual. 

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How was your week? 


collettakay said...

Yay for Spring! Giant boobs! That is too funny :)

I'd love for you to come visit and maybe even sign up for my favorite color swap!


Tammi said...

SOOO happy your getting some good weather finally Michelle!! About time! I know you'll be enjoying it. To funny about the domes, we have white ones for our High School and say the same thing, haha. LOL on your cat and I love the bird pic, good one! Yay for a new laptop! Enjoy your weekend.

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