Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I bought a Fitbit!

See? I told you I was serious about this fitness stuff! I bought a Fitbit & I am loving it :)  

Some friends had mentioned trackers in a Facebook conversation the other day & it really got me thinking. I knew about them of course, but I didn't know much about all the different ones out there. Spent the next couple of days reading online reviews & blogs ... & decided the Fitbit One was the best one for me. I wore it for the first time yesterday & made it to 6,300 steps. The optimal is 10,000 so I have a ways to go. It's hard because I have a desk job. But I do get up often .... to the copier .... to see my boss ... to the kitchen to load up on coffee & water .... then to bathroom to unload all that coffee & water. 

It's 7:30 PM right now & I'm up to 6,721 steps .... 24 flights of stairs .... 2.98 miles .... & I've burned 1,644 calories. We also decided we are going to give the gym a try, I can't wait to watch my numbers go up! 

If you want to be Fitbit friends (yes, there is such a thing LOL) email me! I welcome any extra motivation! 


Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Good for you Michelle :-) It's great to have something that keeps you motivated because you will find yourself WANTING to make the 10,000 steps and finding ways to get to that amount.

Best of luck - and keep us informed as to your progress!

Jocelyn x

Stressed Stamper said...

not heard of that - I am a "fatbit" at the moment - back to gym next week as been struck down by a cold...
Happy New Year
Sarah xx

Amber said...

Way to go keep stepping up! I love my Fitbit, I have been wearing it for almost a year!!

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