Thursday, April 23, 2015

Almost better than bubble wrap ....

As I *MAY* have mentioned (between tears), my son got his license a few weeks ago. A few days ago, this happened: 

A smile that big on a 16 year old's face can only mean one thing. Yep, we bought him a car. Sigh ..... I wanted to just wrap him & whatever vehicle he was driving (usually my minivan) in about a gazillion pounds of bubble wrap. But let's face it .... that would be expensive & time consuming. So .... I settled for a (large) SUV. SUV stands for Safe Utility Vehicle, right? 


Stressed Stamper said...

wow its massive - yes think he will be safe - touch wood in that. Cant believe at 16 they can drive - seems very Young. Got mine a VW the UK that wld be so expensive on insurance and fuel, tyres etc. Lucky chap- no wonder he is smiling
Sarah xxx

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