Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Almost May .....

Can't wait!! It can't possible snow anymore in May, right?? 

** Wisconsinites will remember this **

I prefer my May to look more like this: 

In fact, this weekend I will be working hard on my new garden ....starting from scratch so it will take me every weekend for the next month to get it ready ... but it will be sooo worth it. And it's good exercise!! Bonus! 

And I'm so excited that we've decided to go on a vacation next summer. I'll give you one hint as to where we're going :)

Yep, back to Disney World & Universal. My MIL were chatting on Facebook last weekend & decided we needed to go back. Excited to see the expansion of the Harry Potter World (Diagon Alley!!! Or is it Diagonally?? LOL) .... and get through the rest of Epcot (we just couldn't make it to every country last time) .... and THIS time I'm getting me a Dole Whip!! Forgot all about it last time!! Priorities!!

And as luck would have it (since I need to fund this trip), I had someone contact me through Etsy asking me about cards. She used to buy from me a LOT .... but haven't heard from her in a while. Well, maybe because I have 3 whole cards in my store LOL. She said she really needs to stock up & is wondering if I'll be listing more cards in the near future. I told her I wasn't really making cards these days, but that if she really wanted some & was willing to give me the time to make them (like, a year ..... kidding!) then I would make some for her. Otherwise I will sell her the rest of my supplies & she can make her own. You know, teach a person to fish, or something like that.....


Stressed Stamper said...

Dole whip - never heard of it - clicked yr link - dry powder and water - cant say it makes me want it though - sorry...stunning tulip.....hope you get yr garden sorted soon...Italy for me this summer again - love it...and NY in December - can't wait!

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