Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday randoms

TGIF! It has been a loooong week! Mostly good.... just long. Here are my 5 random tidbits for the week:

1: Baseball season is over. Sad .... but I think it was just long enough. These poor kids were rained out so many times, so we had to squeeze in make up games whenever we could. They lost their last game, but they fought hard & ended up in 2nd place. So proud of my boy!

2: Our reservations for Disney have been made for next year! I can't wait, we went 3 years ago & had the best time ever. I'm especially excited to visit Universal again & spend some time at Diagon Alley (or is it diagonally? LOL)

3: I've really been into makeup the last couple of years. I spent 11 years at home with my kids, & I went with the natural look more often than I probably should have. Since I've been working I've slowly gotten back into actually caring what I look like. This includes make up, hair & clothes. In fact, where I used to follow just crafty blogs, these days my favorites are all about beauty. One thing that's been on my wish list for a long time is the Urban Decay Naked Palette
However, I am still very frugal & just couldn't justify the price tag. I've been searching for a good dupe & I think I found it. These palettes found their way into my home this week, & I'm thrilled! 

I used them the past couple of days & I love them. I had done some research before buying, & I didn't read too many negatives so I went for it. The less-than-$10 on Amazon price tag didn't hurt. If you're looking for some UD Naked dupes, give these a try!

4: Speaking of work (I think I briefly mentioned work in #3), I celebrated 5 years at my job this week! Wow, that went fast! I love my job & I love my co-workers & I'm so happy to have found my forever place. 

5: I didn't gain weight this week. Since I've been rapidly gaining the last few months, I'm happy to get through a week without gaining any more. Yes kids, this is what working out 3-4 times a week will get you. #itsnotmuscle

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Hope you have a spectacular weekend!! 


Kylie said...

We went to disney last summer for my first time (at 28 years old that was pretty entertaining.) We only went to magic kingdom and hollywood studios though. So sometime in the future i NEED to plan a trip to universal!!! I want to go to Diagon Alley!!! Lol. I bet that will be so much fun!

Angela said...

How exciting. My entire family is obsessed with Disney World. We go through about once a year and we always have an amazing time. I don't know if you're familiar with or - but I found both of those websites really helpful in researching restaurants (both sit-down and counter service) to visit.

Debbie said...

I love to read that you have been practicing some self love. Being home all the time is not doing me much good.

Kathleen Aherne said...

Thanks for bringing your updates to Fridays Blog Booster Party #16 Sounds like you have two lovely boys to keep up with. It is so important to like your job, I actually don't hear that a lot. Nice workmates make a bit difference.

I hope you keep visiting us,

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