Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy birthday

This was actually going to be a Wordless Wednesday post .... as in, I was just going to post this photo: 

I took this a couple of years ago & it's one of my favorites. I know the focus isn't perfect ~ I think I was still learning how to use my camera at that time ~ but I still like it. 

Anyhow ~~ today also happens to be my son's 13th birthday!!!! I couldn't post just a photo & not say Happy Birthday to him! I can't believe I now have 2 teenagers ~ yikes! I'm thankful they are such good kids.... kind (well, not really to one another, but to everyone else which is what counts lol), helpful (see above) & so far not hormonal at all. I'm pretty sure I have boys for a reason. I couldn't have handled a teenage girl. A teenage ME. {shiver}

Happy birthday Michael! Congrats on becoming a teenager! 

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