Saturday, August 1, 2015

Friday randoms

Ok, it's Saturday & I'm late .... but that's because my computer/ internet/ router has been giving me fits. My son thinks it's the router & I do think he's right, because instead of 2 stories up in my room, I am now in the basement RIGHT NEXT to it & my computer is fine. Although, I still can't seem to get the pictures I wanted to post. Guess my phone pix will do.

Anyhoo, here are my randoms for the week:

1: Despite the computer issues, I've had a good week! Last week Saturday was especially fun. My older son & I trekked to Milwaukee {where it's been construction season for the last year} for Brady St Days (an east side festival) & German Fest. I enjoy both, but I don't think he loved either. The east side is too ... east side-ish for his taste, & I think he thought they were going to recreate an entire German town for German fest. Basically though, it's Summerfest with Amercanized German food LOL.

Brady St Festival - whole street blocked off & filled with music, crafts, food & drink

German Fest, on the Summerfest grounds by the lake. Here my son is eating the best. pretzel. ever!

2: Since we did go to two different festivals that day, my final step count on Fitbit that day was 18,406 - I believe that's a record for me!

3: Next week is both my & my younger son's birthday. He was born two days before my birthday. Talk about a great birthday present! Well ok, the c-section was kind of un-fun .... but well worth it :)  I took Thursday & Friday off so we could have a 4 day celebration, can't wait! 

4: I got my hair cut & highlighted on Wednesday. My "summer" highlights, even though summer is more than half over. Even though this is not me in the photo (although it could be, my hair is the same length & styled very similar), it's the photo I sent to my stylist & the result is EXACTLY the same. Love her!

5: I don't know if this is national news or not, but it seems there is some kind of lion running around the streets of Milwaukee. There have been many reports & sightings, & just a couple of days ago police also spotted it but weren't quick enough to catch it. Of  course, there are all sorts of funnies about this situation floating around the internet.

I hope you all have a super fun weekend!! It's August already!! Yikes!!! 

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Just Plain Marie said...

Are lions common in Milwaukee? LOL

Kim Hilbert said...

I did see this and I'm in Pittsburgh. Did they ever figure out what it was?

Mary Gilbert said...

What the hair color, I would like to do the same.

Kathleen Aherne said...

August, yes, how did that happen. Love your hair. Thanks for sharing on Fridays Blog Booster Party #17

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