Monday, December 28, 2015

On to 2016

Wow, didn't I just post yesterday? 2 days in a row! Well, this post happens to be about the things I'm going to work on in the coming year, & I bet you can guess the first one. In fact, I think it was first on my list last year. #bloggingfail

1) I really do want to be more involved in this blog. I feel like I go in spurts. I'll post a lot for a month or two, then life gets busy & I fall behind in everything. Sorry, but my blog usually comes last on my priority list. I'm going to try to schedule posts when I have time. I've never done that. I'm a "I'll write a post when I feel like writing a post" kind of blogger, but I think I need to change my game plan a bit! 

2) Another one I mentioned last year .... more me time. Like, getting a hobby. I know I've mentioned my kids have sort of invaded what was my craft space .... but after some thought I think I'm going to do a bit of rearranging downstairs. Move my stuff so I can still be down there with them, but kind of in my own area. Right now Matthew & I are right on top of each other. In fact, when he Skypes his friends while playing Minecraft, his friends can see me. NOT COOL if I'm in such a state that I would not leave my house, lest I run into someone I know. So .... maybe if I have my own space again ... I can again get creative without worrying about how I look lol. 

3) Finances. We are going to Disney & Universal next July. The first time we went, my in laws paid for everything. When we decided to go again, I said only if WE pay this time. So .... I have just over 6 months to sell a LOT on Ebay, pay off some Credit Card bills & build that vacation fund. Yikes. Guess I'll be buying my makeup at Target rather than Sephora from now on. 

4) Fitness. In January of this year, I joined a gym. Matthew really liked working with weights & our local athletic club was having a 3 month special. I figured that could be our test period. Turns out, I liked going to the gym. But it also turns out, working out makes me gain weight. And I'm talking about more than just a couple of pounds. More poundage that I could ever have imagined. 17 pounds. And don't tell me it's muscle, because I'm huge & I've had to go up a size in my jeans. Just before Christmas I tried a couple of classes -something I had wanted to do since I joined but was too intimidated to try. Both the classes I tried kicked my butt. I have never been so exhausted after being at the gym. But - maybe that's what I need. I'll start up again in January. I also need to have a physical for insurance purposes in January. I sure hope at least my cholesterol has come down - if not then I may as well go back to being a couch potato .... way less work to weigh less! 

5) Get organized. This is an ongoing thing with me. I've done a lot of purging/ tossing/ donating in the last few months. However, I may have mentioned once or twice that my husband is a Class A Hoarder. Like, he could have been on the show Hoarders. It's bad. But one thing I've noticed - the people on Hoarders are emotionally attached to things & that's why they have a hard time getting rid of things. However, unless my husband is emotionally attached to his candy wrappers & empty beer cans, I would say there is more to his issue. But ... I shall continue to do my part to organize, close his bedroom door when company comes over & hope that someday he actually cares enough to become an adult. 

So .... these are my top 5.  I'm sure these 5 are on other people's lists as well. I look forward to reading about other people's resolutions, how they are going about them, & hopefully picking up some tips. I've got my notebook ready .... go! 

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