Sunday, December 27, 2015

I survived Christmas 2015

Well, for someone who could be Scrooge's sister, I actually had a nice holiday. Christmas Eve was quiet. I finished baking, made a ham for dinner, then spent the rest of the night watching Christmas movies ("Christmas Vacation" & "Elf", 2 of my favorites) while chugging sipping Irish Cream. I am so thankful my kids don't get up at 5 on Christmas morning wanting to open presents. They were never ever early risers. While my 13 year old generally gets up around 7 on weekends, my 17 year old had to be woken up. Quite a few times. Even though he knew (because he sent me the links lol) some RAD presents awaited him. Apparently he was up playing Minecraft until way-too-late o'clock. Ahhhh the life of a teenager. 

We spent the rest of the day at my mom's. Well, 3/4 of us did. Hubby wasn't feeling well for the 287th time this year, so he stayed home. I think it's because he knew what we were having for dinner .... our traditional lasagna! Nope, we're not even 1 iota Italian, but it's my very favorite meal. My mom has been making it every Christmas for years. Hubby hates it. That's fine, we enjoyed some yummy pasta while he stayed home & probably had a fine meal of Saltines.

Yesterday we all stayed home & recuperated. I am happy to report that I did take a shower (apparently a lot of my Facebook friends didn't even do that lol), but then got right back into my sweats. Did some laundry .... cleaned up the Christmas mess ... & had leftovers for dinner. There was a Harry Potter marathon on tv so I watched some of those .... all in all a very relaxing day. 

Today is catch up before heading back to work tomorrow. Booo! Remind me next year to take some more time off around the holidays .... the thought of going to work while everyone is home lazing is depressing. AND it appears we are finally getting our winter tomorrow. All crammed into one day. Endless snow & wind. Perfect. 

I hope you all had a spectacular & safe Christmas! I'm actually going to do some blurfing right now {while watching the Packers beat the Cardinals} to see what everyone got from Santa!!! 


Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing this, it cracked me up, because isn't it the truth, so much energy, over in a flash, etc, etc. I great up in WI, so when you post it brings me little bits of home. I wish you a happy new year, and keep the tidbits coming, I enjoy reading them even if they are infrequent! In fact, I kind of go oh, her blog is still here. I just started one in August, as I became a Stampin up demonstrator, and wanted to see if I could make a go of it, but hence have not posted a card since August! So I totally relate to your stories. Take care.

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