Sunday, April 3, 2016

A very slow process

It is April, isn't it?? Looks like I totally missed posting anything in March. In my defense ~ I was sick 2 weekends in a row (one with a headache the size of Texas & the other with the gastro-ickies), I've been trying really hard to get my basement finished, & we've been doing some repairs in our kitchen. 

Oh yeah .... & my son got into a car accident about a week & a half ago :( :( :( 

If you're friends with me on Facebook .... you can fast forward through this paragraph. 

So .... his beloved car is totaled. Thank goodness just the car is totaled & not him. He walked away without a scratch. He was coming home one snowy evening & came up over a hill to find a bunch of cars stopped. He tried braking but just slid & slid. He could either slide into the driver in front of him, or go into the ditch. He chose the ditch. Unfortunately, he rammed into a mailbox & flipped his car. There's nothing like getting a phone call from your child yelling "I flipped my car, come quick!". My heart dropped. My husband wasn't home from work yet. It was dark. I ran out of the house & tried to get to him as quickly as I could. Of course, the weather was bad so I was sliding. He was only a mile from our house but it seemed like forever before I got to him. Oh, & bonus ... I forgot my phone at home. Coming upon the scene ... there are no words. I saw his car upside down ..... the ambulance .... the fire truck ... all the lights. Someone grabbed me & said he was already in the ambulance & that he's fine. Seriously, he had a small bruise on his knee. I lost it. I hate to see how I would have reacted if he'd been hurt. I couldn't stop crying. All the what-ifs went through my head. Thank goodness he was wearing his seatbelt .... & that he was on a back road, not the freeway .... he was only going about 20 mph ... & so many people stopped to help & to call 911. I don't ever want to go through anything like that again.

His car, RIP:

I owe so much to this poor car, it kept my baby safe. Did I mention he wasn't hurt at all?!

So .... we are waiting to hear from the insurance company as to how much we'll receive, & start looking for a new car. Sigh .... I hate car shopping! 

But in other news .... my basement is coming along nicely. I knew it would be a ton of work & I knew it would take forever because of all the crap down there, but I just want it DONE. I paint one wall (2 coats of course, because there is no paint in the universe that would cover these ugly walls with one coat), then move crap over to that wall so I can start on the next wall. Lots of cobwebs & dirt & dust has accumulated over the last 14 years so lots of cleaning before the painting. And the prep. Oh gosh, I hate taping everything. But I'm the slobbiest painter ever so I have to do it. 

A sneak peek: 

It's going from a 2 toned puke hue, to a warm beige/ yellow. I love it! Unfortunately the ugly carpet will have to stay for now .... good thing man invented throw rugs! 

I can't wait to get back to creating. Just as I decided to try to get back into it I had to pack up all my stuff. I also bought some beads & such, & have been trolling Pinterest & YouTube to gear up for my attempt at making some jewelry. I'm sure my first few tries will go directly into the trash .... but I'm hoping to learn lots & someday I'll be a famous jewelry maker!!!!!! 

Ok maybe not ..... but it will be a fun venture anyway :)

I'm also cleaning up & adding to my Etsy shop. Lots of cards have been stashed away & I need to get those listed. Mama ain't making no money with them hiding away in her drawers!

Thanks for sticking with me! Have a super week! 


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