Friday, December 11, 2009

What a week it was....

TGIF!!!! And wow, this week could not have been crazier!!! I worked at school on Monday, then found out when I got home that I got a temp job that started on Tuesday. I love it.....the guy I work for is really nice.....& it turns out I happen to be friends with his sister in law. We just found that out today it came up in conversation I don't even remember but wow, what a coincidence! In fact, his sister in law is who I subbed for on Monday, lol! She was the kindergarten aide for both my kids. The job is really flexible too, so I can still sub whenever I want....bonus!!!

Of course, as the day progressed on FIRST day....I realized I was probably not going to make it into work on my SECOND day....because we were to be walloped by a storm. Oh.......were we ever!!!!!! It was a biggie.......schools of course were closed.....many businesses were closed....but the awfulest part is that we lost power. It went out at 9 in the morning, & we didn't get it back until 3 the next morning!! Do the math.....that's 18 hours!! Oh my gosh was it horrible. I won't go into all the details....suffice it to say that we. were. FREEZING! Luckily my husband (who works 2nd shift) came home early & brought me a present....a generator that his friend loaned him!!

Ken......if you are reading this.....these pictures are for you.....because I know you're lying & you really DO miss the Wisconsin winters!!!!

I love the last if my kids didn't get enough of the snow helping dad shovel (did I mention our snowblower is broken?).....they decided to play on the swingset felt terrible that I couldn't even make hot chocolate for them when they came in!!

So that's where I've been this last week......working lots....trying to learn my new job....& sitting in my cold dark house, lol. It's amazing how behind I got so quickly!! I haven't wrapped one single present, I'm not sending Xmas cards this year (sorry, my friends!!!) & I haven't baked one batch of cookies yet.

I started a card on Sunday....which I am determined to finish by the end of the weekend, lol!! I colored the image but that's as far as I got. I had been planning on playing on our day off Wednesday, but the tree that apparently fell on our power lines had other plans for me.

If you have time, check out all the fun new stuff 7 Kids College Fund has.....including Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous, Sookwang double sided tape & the Christmas CC Designs!! Another thing in my life I can't seem to keep up with....all the amazing stamping stuff out there....I just want one of everything!!

Hope to be back soon with something more fun to look at than a bunch of white pictures, lol!! Have a great weekend!!


Ellen said...

Hello Michelle,

What an beautiful pics. I love the winter an the snow. We are waiting for snow but how much????? In the Netherlands it is not snowing as much as 40 years ago. Winters are less each year. But you never know;-)

Hugs and have a nice weekend,

Sue said...

wow what stunning pictures, glad you have your power back that must have been dreadful, we get inch snow every thing grinds to a halt! lol. keep warm, sue.x

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Wow, while I'm not a fan of the snow, your pictures ARE lovely. So serene looking.

I'm so sorry you lost power for so long. We live in the woods and up on a hill...and lose power A LOT so I know what a royal pain in the rear that is. One year we lost power for almost 4 DAYS right around Christmastime...crazy! Luckily we have a coal stove so we still had heat.

Glad to hear the new job is going well and it's so flexible. :)

Lacey Stephens said...

Michelle, that is just crazy!! My brain does not understand that type of weather AT ALL!!! I'm just upset that I am still sweating my butt off when I have to walk the dog!! It's still in the 80's here! It's horrible! But at least it's not crazy cold, either!! Sending warm thoughts.

♥...Mo...♥ said...

Michelle You've had a busy week.
The photographs are wonderful.
How beautiful is all covered with snow.
Hugs and Merry Christmas

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