Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday again....

Well ALMOST Friday....close enough :) The Packers are playing & I'm in my jammies, on my laptop, with my kids screaming at each other in the next room. ALMOST Paradise!

I've had so many nice emails & Facebook messages asking how I am, how work is going, & how my mom is doing. My mom is doing well, aside from a small stay at the ER a week ago. She had food poisoning or something....I had to call 911 & she did end up staying overnight. Back to normal now, just waiting for her surgery on the 17th. I think I am more nervous about that than she is. As she says....she'll be asleep the whole time!

I am dealing with work, & while I still hate 40 hours I am liking the job now that I know what I'm doing. Except the girl I worked with.....who helped me with everything & knew everything...she was there 3 years....her last day is tomorrow & I'm very sad :( I really like her & I liked knowing I had someone to go to with questions. Now she is leaving. Hooray for her, bummer for me.

But I am moving along & work isn't so scary anymore. Except I hate 40 hours. Did I say that already?? Sorry! Let me stress that I am very grateful for the came at a time when I wasn't quite sure what would happen for us, financially speaking. My husband works sooooo hard.....but he was forced to work less hours last year & that's what started the snowball. Now we need to catch I work.....FULL TIME. I bow to all the mommies who work full time! I've only been there 6 weeks & I'm exhausted!! I know.....whine whine least I'm not whining about being broke anymore!!

So.....I will not get to any cards for a while. And I have so many ideas in my head. Fall is my favorite time of year & I love making Halloween cards. I want to list on Ebay with my friends again!! Right now I still have things in my Etsy shop.....but I really need to update!!

And with that....I'm off to bed. I get tired easily these days. I'm working full time AND I'm getting old....not a good combination!! Thanks to all my friends for checking in on me!! Stamps are still for sale (see below). Email me with any questions!


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