Saturday, October 16, 2010


at the new Magnolia MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS collection! Oh my gosh, I always think they can't get any cuter but they always do!

The whole collection is available right now for PREORDER at 7 Kids College Fund


I am pretty good about staying within my budget when buying stamps & supplies.....but maybe I'll buy a few extra for my family to give to me for Christmas!! Hey, it makes it easier for THEM, right??

And while you're there ---you may as well preorder the new MAGNOLIA INK as well!! If you love Magnolias like I do --then the magazine is a must!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, yes they are a bunch of cuties, and the magazine is a must! Hope the whole job thing is getting a little easier. Your Christmas gift idea for yourself is great,I do that all the time. I say go for it. Hugs, Rea

Tammi said...

Always nice getting something you really want for Christmas! :) That image is my FAV from the new line, it's already on it's way to my house, yippee! If you need a few images to tide ya over, let me know. :)

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