Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wonderful World of Disney

Hello everyone, happy halfway-through-summer! I'm flying by to say HI & to tell you we had such a GRANDASTIC time at Disney World! Every minute was a blast & I have the pictures to prove it! Don't worry, I won't share all 800 with you LOL -- but I thought I'd share a few pix every few days or so. There's no stamping or baking happening these days -- so I may as well share vacation photos, right? 

Today I'll share our arrival -

(here's a little bit of trivia for you -- can't remember if I mentioned it before or not -- but I was born in Orlando! In never mind. But I had never ever visited Orlando until this trip!)

We had to get up REALLY early for our flight:

I didn't puke or cry on the flight. I hate to fly. Actually, I don't mind flying -- it's the takeoff I hate. Once I'm up I'm fine. I even like the landing. I was taking pix like crazy from the plane:

We were waiting for our transportation to the resort - I was liking that they even had Disney stuff at the airport :)

I never really got a good shot of the resort we stayed in -- but it was a resort for active/retired military families only. They had a beautiful pond with lots of wildlife -- we fed the fish, heron, ducks & turkey every day. If you look closely, you can see my peeps on their way to our first meal. Buffet. Breakfast & dinner. EVERY DAY!

Matthew was enjoying our poolside room:

And the pool :)
(there's my MIL going to check it out!)

These critters were ALL OVER THE PLACE! Good thing they are FAST or we would have had squished ones everywhere! Isn't it cute? For some reason I kept thinking about Geico :)

LOL we do NOT have these running around in Wisconsin! I laughed when Michael said "Mom! There's an armadillo under the bushes!" I said "There is not, you must be confused" -- I had no idea there were armadillo running around Florida! Sure enough, this guy was milling around the resort. I couldn't get a shot of his head & I really didn't want to get too close. He sure did make a mess!

First stop -- Epcot. Stay tuned :)


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