Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wow ~ where did 2012 go?

Seriously WHY does time have to fly so quickly? I hate that! This year has buzzed by & I feel like I didn't accomplish anything! Between our WONDERFUL trip to Disney & my husband's EXTREME surgery & recovery - there was just no time for anything else!

Everyone is posting their favorite 12 cards from the year. I didn't make 12 cards, lol. Oh, what do you know? I just counted & I actually did make 13!!! lol ... So I'm going to pick my 5 favorites. Here they are:

Love this adorable High Hopes dragon, drawn by Crissy Armstrong.  All her dragons are the cutest! Heck, all her EVERYTHING is the cutest! {still love Crissy art}

Another Crissy cutie, I believe this is "Tidy Up Tillie" - I LOVE orange & blue together!

This is one of the "Itty Bitty" cuties from Pink Cat Studio ~ I think I collected ALL of them ~

And GOSH ~ what are the odds? ANOTHER High Hopes stamp ~ I actually used Copics for this one ~ something I didn't do often!

This is Penny Black, another obsession ~ & another favorite color combo ~ pink & brown *love*

And of course I HAD to include a Tilda! I think this is the one & only time I used that crackle paint stuff. I liked the look of it, but it was quite messy. I believe I threw it out after I made this card, lol

Ok, that's 6 - LOL see I can't even count anymore! 

I've been successful in selling some of my stuff over on SCS's BST forum ~ & some on Ebay. But ~ I have to admit there are some stamps I just won't ever be able to part with. And who knows ~ some day I MAY just have a whole hour to myself, & I'll be happy I kept my beloveds.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Unfortunately my 10 yr old came down with some nasties ~ I took him to the doctor on Wednesday, & he has a viral infection. We actually started thinking he had the mumps ~ his whole right side of his face was swollen, very scary! But it's an infection & because it's viral, there hasn't been much we can do. Sucks for him to be sick during Christmas break, but at least he's not missing school!

Happy New Year to all of you! Here's to a prosperous & productive 2013!


Sheri said...

great cards but my very favorite is the Penny Black you are my sunshine card. Love that one! Happy New Year!

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