Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for First Day of Summer Friday!

Boy did it STORM today - it looked like it was the middle of the night for most of the morning. And the thunder & lightning - yikes! That was a lovely welcome to the first day of summer!

Well, even if I don't have time to post anything else, I'll find the time for High Five for Friday each week - it's fun recapping the positive events of my week, no matter how minor :)

1: Watching my kids play baseball. I may have mentioned they each play 2 games a night. Sounds like a lot. It IS a lot. But I love it. So what if we have to eat hot dogs on the go 4 nights a week. 

2: My peonies are finally open! I was starting to think they were going to die without ever blooming.

3: Every year our small little town has the greatest parade - for Father's Day. Seriously? I think mothers deserve a parade WAY more than fathers! Whatever. We still had fun :)

4: Have you tried the Crystal Light liquid mix yet? My kids love the MIO, so I thought I'd give it a try. YUM! I have this at my desk at work, it definitely livens up the boring old ice water that I'm supposed to be drinking (my employer is VERY into wellness). My favorite CL flavor is the Raspberry Ice, but I didn't see that one in liquid form. So sometimes I mix the strawberry lemonade above, with this:

Soooooo good mixed together! Hey - I bet it would be good mixed with a little vodka!! You know - like Vodka Lemonade - big summer drink here in Wisconsin. I know what you're thinking! I swear, I would never drink vodka at work!

5: I was SO thrilled to find these flowers at a nursery last weekend! These are Pretty as Picasso Supertunias, & ever since Proven Winners posted a photo on Facebook I was on a mission. They didn't have it at the garden center I usually go to, which usually just has "the basics". So I found some time last Sunday to stop at a different one & there it was, in all its glory. The above picture is not mine - but once it's nice & full I will post some photos. It's so pretty :)

One more awesome thing happened just today, in fact. We are in the process of refinancing our mortgage - & just found out today that our house appraised at a LOT more than we originally thought it would - therefore allowing us an even lower rate than what we were going to get. We will be closing in the next week or so, with a rate of 3.875% - our mortgage payment will be HALF what it is now. So happy about that! I guess I have High Six for Friday this week!

I'm linking up with Lauren over at My Grey Desk - how about sharing your own 5 things from the week & linking it up?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Stressed Stamper said...

Nice post - your life sounds like mine - busy - my youngest runs 3 times a week and then competes lots of weekends - but she loves it and I so love watching her...never heard of that juice here in the UK...
Have a great weekend

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