Monday, March 2, 2015

More than a year later .....

I did it! I was able to sit still long enough (I have crafting ADD) & actually put together a semblance of a card! I mentioned I had bought a gift card for my niece (Xmas gift, since I hadn't seen her since before the holidays) & instead of just handing her the gift card, I thought I'd buy a card to put it into to. Or ... wait a minute ... I used to MAKE cards. She's 13 years old, she might like a handmade card. Or, she just might think it's dorky & stupid. Either way, I gathered what supplies I could find & came up with this:

There are some stamps I will never part with, no matter what. If an unfortunate accident should take away my ability to use my hands, I still would not give up my Penny Black hedgies, my High Hopes stamps, or my Magnolias. I could learn to color with my mouth, right?

So ... after filling a big mason jar full of gummy worms & Swedish Fish (that was the easy part!) & decorating it a bit, I started the hard part. Actually, I have missed coloring. I love to color. However, when it came time to start putting it all together ... well I think that's when I took a coffee break. 

Not only is my stuff in boxes & not organized at all, but I clearly have forgotten the ABC's & 123's of putting colors/ papers/ embellishments together. But it's a hedgie, & a hedgie will look cute no matter what, right?

I did take a picture of the jar, which turned out pretty cute, but as luck would have it my photography skills have also gone by the wayside. Did you KNOW that if you don't keep up with a hobby, you tend to lose a lot of the knowledge & skills needed to bring your "A" game? Anyway, no jar photo.

So .... did I enjoy it?? Will I do it again in the near future?? I have no idea. Like I said, I loooove coloring .... & if I could just color a bunch of images I'd be happy. It's the making-the-image-into-a-card part that trips me up. BUT -- when my niece opened her card, she said "Oh my gosh, it's a hedgie - so cute! Did you make this?" & when I told her I did, she said "I love making cards!!" So there you have it. I now have a niece who loves making cards. If she wants to partake in this craft with me, who am I to say no?? 

However, I think I'll let HER take the pictures :)


Stressed Stamper said...

I am so with you - if I could sit and colour and someone else put together - sorted...Thank you for the NY help - still looking would so love to go to a game of sorts..
Sarah. x

Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle. xo

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

LOVE your card Michelle & it's sooooo GOOD to see one of your beautiful creations again.

Jocelyn x

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