Monday, February 8, 2016

Mike & Ike

Well, I guess Monday is my day to post, lol. I don't seem to be posting any other days! Must be because I looooove Mondays. Not.

Remember I said I may have bought a new Whipper Snapper stamp or 4?? Well, here's a card made with Stamp #2:

This is Mike & Ike Go Fishing. Actually, I think it's Ike & Mike Go Fishing. I don't know why they named it wrong.

Annnd I used my Copics AGAIN! I'm actually really liking them. It only took me 7 years to warm up to them!

I used Snow stuff & glitter all over .... & I mean ALL over. In places I didn't really mean to, so I added more to make it look like I *did* mean to. Yep, I'm creative that way! 

Just LOOK at the sparkle. Sigh .... I could stare at it all day ...

{I kind of am. It snowed a LOT here today. For those of you who have never seen snow, it really does sparkle!}

I think these two are adorable. Mike & Ike. Ike & Mike. I like Mike & Ike! I think there should be a stamp made with Mike & Ike riding a bike. Or going on a hike! Those cute little tykes :)


Squirrel x said...

Keep taking the medication hunny, this is just perfect! Hugs xx

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